Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Gifts for Kids

One of our favourite customers, (a SAHM mother to 2 gorgeous boys) has written a guest post for us this month - a great read for anyone looking to purchase Christmas gifts for little ones.
Shellie is passionate about our Environment (and protecting it) and raises some great points below.

"This Christmas, more than ever, I am determined that we should give
the earth a Happy New Year by making environmentally friendly
choices. I find that Christmas is a time where we really are
speaking with our wallets, and thus it is so important that we buy
So often a gift is bought just for the sake of something to give. I
feel that if you are stuck for what to buy something, it is best to
donate on their behalf instead. I have some young cousins who are
really difficult to buy for and in the past I have used the TEAR and
OXFAM websites which have many choices available such as "buying"
school supplies for children, mosquito nets, or a chook for a
family. Greenpeace is another good one where you can donate money to
protect rainforests. offer "cards-for-a-cause" and
a search of the internet will find you many similar options.

My immediate family do a Kris Kringle where the gift has to have cost
nothing (being a farming family, we are conscious of the environment
and do not like to waste money just for the sake of giving a gift).
This year I have made my brother a photo album from cereal boxes
decorated with scraps of paper and copies of his baby photos with a
bit of writing about him. My sister is going to help my mum paint
her house and my mum is brilliant at making things from wood so i am
sure to get something great from her.

My Mum's relatives come up with a gift swapping game, where we all
put one gift into the centre. we then take turns to either chose a
gift from the pile, or to steal one off another person. This year,
the gifts that we have to put in must be something that we have at
home, but no longer use. i have plenty of things i can put in!
My dad's family too, have adopted this idea. we have our Christmas
gathering the weekend before Christmas and this year I will be sure
that I put in only environmentally friendly gifts - a notepad made
from post consumer recycled paper and a pen from
Some of my other favourite sites are and
I recently bought my kids a little solar car from
Todae ($12) which is great to teach them about energy.
I have been searching for great gifts for my kids and for the
children of my best friend and have come across many wonderful
My favourites being and

My kids favourite toys are organic wooden "anamalz" and each birthday
and christmas we add something to their collection.
"greentoys" make some wonderful items including a tea set made from
recycled plastic bottles (their range can be found at

"Boon" make bath toys that are bpa free and do not have holes in the
bottom to allow toys such as ducks to fill up with yucky water which
is then drunk by cheeky children. They also have some innovative
bath toys such as a ring toss game.

My favourite new item that I am looking at for my own children is the
rainbow nesting blocks from these are brightly
coloured blocks in various shapes - square, triangle and crescent -
that can be stacked in any way that you can think of. I love these
sorts of toys for kids as it gives them a chance to really use their
imagination. The blocks are made from environmentally friendly
rubber wood. I know that I can trust ecotoys and that they only
stock good quality, environmentally friendly products. For this
reason, I have passed their website on to family who are looking at
what to buy for my children.
I also saw an idea of making your own Christmas bonbons by using
toilet rolls. I have found some great little things that can fit
inside a toilet roll - wooden pencils from "Save the children" and
some organic lip balm. I also have some brilliant family jokes to
put inside. but i wont be sharing those here!
Finally, there is nothing better after a christmas lunch that to have
a great conversation with your relatives while you wash the dishes
(no need for disposable plates and cutlery).
So, this year, lets all give the earth a Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year by making our purchases carefully."

Thanks Shellie for sharing this special post with us - It sounds as though you will be enjoying a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

About three things I was absolutely positive....... First, winter was in full swing. Second, there is a part of me that absolutely adores hats of shape and kind. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with bamboo!

You could be forgiven for thinking I am in a Twilight-induced-blog-posting-haze, however this is NOT the case. I have just found out that my good friend Simone over at Monkey Caboose has some totally divine winter hats made from....... (you guessed it) BAMBOO!

Zooni Mop Top bamboo hats feature one-of-a-kind designs that are guaranteed to turn heads! Each hat is hand knit with love and care from custom made bamboo yarn. Lined with soft fleece or jersey, these hats provide maximum warmth and comfort for your child. The perfect finishing touch to any outfit - and boy are they cute!

Zooni bamboo hats are available in 3 sizes - Small (6-12 months), Medium (12 -24 Months) and Large (2-5 yrs) you can dress your little person in a beautiful, warm and absolutely gorgeous winter hat.

Monkey Caboose has two bamboo styles available - "Dyno-mite" and "Sweet on you" Cupcake and a huge range of other adorable Zooni hats for winter - I just love them!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

An award for our environment

What a busy few weeks it has been!
Initially, I was so chuffed to hear that Babyjo had been nominated for an Award at the upcoming Connect2Mums AusMumpreneur Awards to be held in Brisbane on the 31st July.

I was then even more excited to find that we are now a finalist (with 4 others) in the category of "Best Eco Friendly Business". The other finalists are just amazing, each with their own fantastic business that has a strong focus on being eco friendly and environmentally responsible/aware. You can read more about them here at Connect2Mums.
I love the fact that there is a business award for this category, and regardless of the outcome, our world is still better off for the changes that we are all striving to make - Every bit counts!

So.......I have my plane tickets ready (get me out of this chilly Melbourne weather!) and a lovely "frock" ready for the evening, and I am so looking forward to meeting so many fabulous business owners and amazingly talented "Mumpreneurs".

The AusMumpreneur Awards celebrate and recognize those achieving success in the industry, in areas such as business, product development, services and innovation in both online and bricks and mortar businesses from around Australia.

In conjunction with a super 3 day conference, the AusMumpreneur Awards take place at a glamourous Awards dinner at Rydges, Southbank, Brisbane on Saturday 31 July. These awards are the only events of their kind in Australia and will be officially opened by Hon Karen Struthers MP the Minister for Women.

Connect2mums provides a safe and supportive environment for women in online businesses to get together and share information, network and gain support. The site provides members with relevant information and opportunities to interact and socialise with other mums across Australia and New Zealand. Friday night live chats, newsletters, product reviews, real-life events, competitions and articles are just some of the ways women get connected at Connect2mums.

For more information on the the AusMumpreneur Awards visit: or you can email

Sunday, July 4, 2010

We do things differently around here!

I've been busily working away this weekend - which is a big plus when the weather is as cold as it is! We are so excited to bring a fun new way of shopping to you and your friends and family.

Babies around the world are loving Babyjo Bamboo - so why not share the secret with your friends & family & benefit when sales are made.
Similar to a “Tupperware” party, however carried out online, we are proud to offer Babyjo e-parties to our valued customers and friends.

The rewards are fantastic, and easily achievable - simply share the details with your friends and family, then sit back and relax!
What a fantastic way to add to your existing range of Babyjo (or make a start for a new arrival) and offer your little one the most beautiful, organic clothes & blankets imaginable!
We've kept it as simple as possible, and there is very little for the "party panda" to do - all material and information is supplied - you just need to find the friends to join the party!

** Contact us to confirm your e-party & a start date will be arranged.
** e - party invitation, order code & flier will be sent to you via email
** Share the invitation with friends, family, facebook – whoever!
** Sit back and relax while your friends shop with FREE POSTAGE!

e—parties run for 10 days, so your selected friends and family have plenty of time to browse our website and make a selection. Using the unique code to secure free shipping, customers can place their order via our online site at
As the “party panda”, you will receive $20 store credit* upon placing your booking. For every $ spent by your friends & family, you will receive additional store credit to use on your own purchases—SIMPLE!

Below is an indication of store credit received in comparison with sales made throughout the duration of your e-party

$ 200—$300 in sales = $30 store credit.
$300—$400 in sales = $50 store credit.
$400—$500 e-party = $70 store credit
$500—$600 in sales = $90 store credit
$600—$800 in sales = $110 store credit

If this sounds like something you would love to take part in - become a "Party Panda" today by contacting us via email for more details!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wrapped up in blankets for winter

Firstly, I must apologise for my lack of blogging of late.
Ok - I will be honest - It has a little to do with the onset of winter and desperately wanting to curl up on the couch and stay cosy, a little bit to do with being busy finalising and receiving our latest range of 2 layer bamboo blankets and beanies, and a LOT to do with becoming obsessed with the Twilight Saga..... Strange, I know. I must be about a year or more behind the rest of the world (and I abstained for as long as I did as I KNEW that I would get "sucked into it") but in reality, when the bug bit - it bit hard!
I found myself neglecting work, neglecting the family and walking around trying to cook, clean and sleep with a book under my nose. Addictive is the only word - I read all 4 books in just over a week and a bit (plus 264 pages of Midnight Sun online) and am now just starting Breaking Dawn (the fourth book) for the second time..... Yes - I probably will just finish it tomorrow and then pick up the first book and start all over again, but for now, I am content to just hang out on the couch and read, read, read!
That being said, my reading obsession was interrupted on Friday (thankfully) by the arrival of our shipment of stock for this winter. I wanted to go a bit brighter, a bit bolder and a bit funkier - so Little Akai and Little Apple Blossom have joined our range of blankets, and Natural Eco has made a stunning return (as it was ever so popular and sold out far too quickly).

With thanks to a gorgeous friend of mine and her beautiful bub (not to mention her husband who takes fantastic photos) - we captured the little man (below) testing out the new range!

(- Little Apple Blossom 2 layer bamboo blanket and beanie set) and below (my favourite) Little Akai 2 layer bamboo blanket and beanie set.... What a cutie our little model is!

And our entire range of beanies are finally here - just in time for all those gorgeous winter babies!
So.... It wasn't an entirely unproductive few weeks (chuckle chuckle) - I did manage to get a lot done, even with my "diversions" that I am sure a few of you could relate to! Righty-O, I have a book to read...........

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh - babyO !

In what is turning out to be a wonderful month already, we are so excited to introduce you to one of our new stockists - babyO.With one of the most beautiful sites I have seen in a long time (not to mention user friendly) - babyO provides an amazing array of natural baby bedding and sleepwear. With a versatile range of organic, natural and eco-friendly baby products, you need not look any further!

I love that you can find mattresses, linen, pyjamas and more - all from the comfort of your home (in your own PJ's!) A favourite of mine is the Nest Organic Cot Futon Mattress (pictured below)

and if I was to do it all over again (ha ha) - I would definitely invest in a beautiful Lambykins Merino blanket like this one! (Red, of course!)

Of course, you will be able to find our gorgeous Aiko Pyjamas and 2 layer blankets at babyO - these will also help to make your little person the comfiest they can possibly be when sleeping.
I love that babyO offer a wide range of choices for eco friendly, natural and soft sleep options to give baby a wonderful night's rest.

So that you can stock up on gorgeous items from babyO and help them to celebrate the launch of their gorgeous business, register online for their newsletter and receive 15% off all purchases until the end of June!

Happy shopping and we welcome babyO to our bamboo family!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bamboo Addiction

As you may be aware (although just in case I haven't mentioned before) I LOVE bamboo!
I have bamboo growing in big pots around my house, decorative bamboo ladders, lucky bamboo on the kitchen bench and a business- which revolves around.......well, bamboo of course.

So - just to fuel my bamboo obsession a little further - We have added some gorgeous Agoo products (bamboo of course) to our site - all are available immediately and have the same super soft luxury that our very own Babyjo Bamboo clothing and blankets have.

Head over and have a peak here - your little people will love the underwear, socks and leg warmers - they are just too cute!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Punch Your Lunch!

I love it! Our friends over at Monkey Caboose have done it again - just arrived, the Lunch Punch makes lunchtime and sandwiches fun!

Speaking from experience, my 3 year old just won't move past the good old Vegemite sandwich (and even then, she usually pulls the 2 pieces apart, licks off the Vegemite and then leaves the rest!) - not the most nutritious lunch and frustrating for me, as sandwiches can be healthy, interesting and nutritious (not to mention fast and easy to make and take on the run). She is a fantastic "eater" and is happy to much away on most healthy food, she just WONT touch sandwiches for some weird reason.

Enter - The Lunch Punch, an interesting "tool" to add to your parenting toolbox. I was lucky enough to road test one from Monkey Caboose, and I am so impressed. I have never managed to get my little one to eat a full ham sandwich (baby steps here, I will work up to salad and chicken/avocado etc) - but hey presto! The Lunch Punch made the cutest 4 piece puzzle which took her attention and made it plenty of fun - she seemed to forget that she doesn't eat ham sandwiches, and ended up eating the lot AND asking for another puzzle. (I have always loved that she will eat the crusts of her toast and vegemite sandwiches, however the lunch punch does remove these, so I had to just go with it and see!)

With 4 "punches" in each box, you can make one Monster puzzle (great for if you are feeding multiple mouths at the same time) or you can have 4 smaller size puzzles in varying forms. For just $12.95, I highly recommend trying this one out for a bit of fun - great for fairy bread at a party too - make the giant puzzle, and watch them have some fun!

**Disclaimer - Yes, you WILL end up "punching" out your own sandwich into a puzzle - it can't be helped. We take no responsibility for this!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We've made it to the front.....

Cover, that is! I was so very proud and excited today to pick up my copy of My Child Magazine - only to see that our Little Master bamboo beanie was on the cute-as-a-button model on the FRONT COVER!!

Not only this, we also had some product photographed in My Child's"Go Natural - Eco fashion for bubs" section, along with some other fabulous brands. I love seeing Babyjo in print and I am especially proud at the moment - celebrating 2 years and loads of success, I LOVE what I do and I love all of our customers, stockists, industry friends and people I have the pleasure of meeting along the way!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who entered our Big Birthday Celebration - our very deserving recipients have been notified, and prizes will be sent out shortly. The fabulous array of goodies would not have happened if it wasn't for the following brands/business' so a massive thank you to you all:
Agoo, Mamma Bellah Kids, Monkey Caboose, Mudd Kids, Little Choopie, EJ Kids, Cackleberry Kids, Petit, Cheeky Chickies, Little Billies, Qtees Designs, Mini Lala, Czarque, Pram Rock and Pouchmiss - how fun it was to celebrate!

1st Prize - Bridget B
2nd Prize - Kristen S
3rd Prize - Sally G

Thanks again for the wonderful entries and for sharing such personal thoughts, I thoroughly enjoyed the month and getting to know you all a little better.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Modernise your Little Munchkin

I love groovy stores for little ones, that focus on funky, eco friendly and safe all at the same time!
Louisa over at Modern Little Munchkins has such a super collection of funky, modern and affordable items, it is well worth having a look around their site.

You know that I can't stop at just that - here are some of my top picks:"Baby Bonkie" Ecobonkie (Everest) - such gorgeous design and looks so cozy I want one in my size! 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

Earthlings Kimono Dress (Blue Shadow) - I love these - so great for the little miss to hang out in and be comfortable at home, but also suitable for out and about and looking a little cute and special.

And how about this one - "Polka" Monoscope Hood dress - 9 colour stripe knitted hood dress. Pre orders being taken for March Delivery - Oh........ I want one for Mia!

Ok - so, I know that I always focus on the little Miss in our lives, here is some love for the little masters out there!

Available for Pre Order (March Delivery) - Polka Nemisis Sleeveless Hoodie (knitted)

Moppit Sleeveless Zip Hoody - So funky with a casual pair of shorts!

Alright, I have to stop there or I will go on and on as there are loads of cool finds at Modern Little Munchkins, if you drop in to visit, please let Louisa know that we sent you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Come and Visit us at The Baby Show

The Baby Show is coming to the exclusive Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton, Melbourne for the first time from 5 - 7 March and we are going to be there! With unbeatable shopping, great offers, fantastic entertainment and expert advice - The Baby Show really is an essential part of having a baby!

This brand new event is not to be missed and will be filled with some of the most exciting entertainment acts as well as fantastic shopping for pregnant couples and parents of babies and toddlers:
Shop and enjoy exclusive offers on an array of products and all the baby essentials from over 100 big industry brands and stylish boutiques ranging from: Huggies, Tommee Tippee, Mothercare, Maclaren, Chicco, Medibank, Ecostore, Happy Baby, Nestle, Peg Perego, Nintendo, Pumpkin Patch and Angus & Robertson and.........BABYJO!

Meet Dorothy the Dinosaur and dance with The Teletubbies live with an exciting new interactive dance show!

Get the best advice on parenting and health from leading specialists in free seminars and talks.

Try before you buy some of the big name brand strollers.

Relax in the Tommee Tippee Baby Feeding Room, The Babylove Changing Room and ask for assistance from our dedicated team of porters.

Everything you need for your pregnancy, baby and toddler – The Baby Show is an essential part of having a baby.

Tickets start at $10 and can be purchased in advance for a limited half price offer via or alternatively, I have some free tickets if you are thinking of going - just contact me and I will post them out to you.
I look forward to meeting you if you come along!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Madeit Love

Oh Gosh - I just had to share this with you, I have just spent the last hour or so engrossed in Made it and searching through all of the beautiful stores that make it....... 'Made It'! I literally can't remember why I started looking there, but I did find some super cute things I wanted to share with you quickly.
(In no particular order mind you.)

On the right, we have a great idea - the 'Colouring book for grownups! Love it - I have sat down so many times and ended up "really trying" to colour in Dora and Boots (in the right colours and inside the lines), so this would be a lovely change - pity they are sold out currently, or I would have bought one!

Next up, I discovered this cute softie toy rattle handmade teether, so cute and very funky - I just have to wait for someone to have a baby so that I can get one as a cute, unique little gift!

Now these next ones have really caught my eye, and I have bookmarked the store to go back later and make a purchase - My little one and I go to the library once a fortnight and always get far too many books to fit into her little book bag that she currently has. How cool are these! I also love the little bird on the canvas - too, too cute. Hmmm - now to pick a colour.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spending 9 Months Waiting?

Well then, in your "spare time", why not drop over and look around this gorgeous site - 9MonthsWaiting is the stunning result of Cathy's hard work, and boy has she got some gorgeous products on offer!

Not only do I love the name (let's face it, we have all been there, and we know how much time you spend waiting..... waiting to meet your little one, waiting to see if it is a boy or a girl, waiting to see where you are when you go into labour, waiting to work out if the name you have chosen actually fits, waiting to see what labour is really all about - waiting, waiting and waiting) I also love Cathy's ability to combine so many beautiful brands (ours included - he he) into the one store. Clearly a big supporter of bamboo, 9MonthsWaiting has a great selection of bamboo clothing and blankets, along with some gorgeous organic cotton options. I had to narrow down this post, due to the amount of products that I wanted to share with you, so here goes:

An absolute steal - Ergo Pouch Ergococoon (organic cotton) - $19.95 (sale)
This gorgeous 6 piece Cot Set by The Living Textiles Company (Misha Bear set) - $209.95, with everything you need to set up the nursery (yep - while you are waiting!)

These gorgeous Vanchi Bibs (2 in a set) - $12.95 (Guava and Lychee shown) - I love that they pull over the head, I have had many a battle with curly toddler hair that gets caught in the velcro on some bibs - not great when food is involved....
And finally (yes, I did restrain myself on this post!) - Three Little Trees (who i just LOVE) Miso Miso Blanket - on sale for $19.95 (reduced from $39.95) - I believe there may only be one left, so get in quick!
So head over and see Cathy at 9MonthsWaiting - they are having a fantastic sale at the moment - up to 50% off selected items and Australia wide postage starting at only $5.00.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Little Haven

Continuing on with our Big Birthday Celebrations, it is a pleasure to introduce you to another of our online stockists - The Little Haven. Recently launched, with an absolutely gorgeous website I must add, Carolyn has sourced the most gorgeous collection of products so that you can discover beautiful findings for your little one, as well as having a haven of resources to nurture, support and enrich your parenting experience.

Head to the "Your Parenting - Ideas & Resources" section and you will find some great tips for Being a parent - I love that the site is easy to navigate and looks so gorgeous! Some of my favourite picks from The Little Haven are:

Folding Roadway Playmat - $29.95. Open it up anywhere and you have an instant fun - fold it up when ready to leave and pack the toys away again.

Skip Hop Tubby Bath Bag in Orange - Soft, stretchy and stays put - a great place to keep all of those bath time toys - Made from soft wetsuit (Neoprene) material that is BPA and Phthalate free (available in orange or blue) - $39.95

Loopa Bowl - $16.95 - With Spill resistant technology, this funky bowl keeps your toddlers dry food and snacks inside the bowl, not matter what they do with it (wish I had seen these when my little one was this age!)

Also highly worthy of a mention is the fact that The Little Haven is having one of the biggest sales around on Hugabub wraps - I love this one below ("Green Tea"- now reduced to $104 from $130)
I also am a fan of these gorgeous new Lelby's "Floral Fantasy" Bean Bag chairs - Exclusive to The Little Haven in Australia and oh-so-cute! ($99.95)

The Little Haven is having a Summer Sale at the moment, with up to 30% off on selected brands - I highly recommend heading over to say hi!

I love Lady Bugs!

I really do! So does my little one Mia. However, the Lady Bug I am referring to are our friends over at Little Lady Bug - newly opened and with a growing collection of gorgeous offerings, it is such a gorgeous store!
Check out these gorgeous shoes by Baby Bella Maya (Ocean Mist - RRP $19.95) in 0-6months
I also love their cute new range of ruffle pants from Vintage Kids (Red dot and cherry ruffle RRP $34.95) - great for little bottoms! If you are still not convinced (he he) - Little Lady Bug also carry these gorgeous lace leggings (perfect for summer) from Baby Bella Maya for just $19.95.

Also carrying a cute range of bamboo blankets and clothing *blush* - Little Lady Bug will fast become a favourite place for your shopping needs! Lets give them a welcome and drop in to visit!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stock your wardrobe with Agoo!

As you all know, I am a massive fan of Bamboo! I never thought that it would be possible to make friends in the industry (due to most of my work being done late at night and on my own) however, I love that I have connected with Susan from Agoo and we regularly chat and keep in contact. We talk about bamboo of course, and they have the most gorgeous bamboo leg warmers in their range, but we also support each other and throw round ideas from time to time.

Agoo are having a MASSIVE sale at the moment, and I wanted to share it with you all, because there are some super savings to be had. With up to 50% off their 09/10 Spring/Summer Collection (excluding accessories) there are some fantastic bargains to snap up! Agoo also have a gorgeous range of Active Wear - a special fabric which has some great attributes. With a +50 UPF rating, 4 way stretch, stain resistance and special "wick away" properties to keep kids cool, comfy and protected, it is no wonder that the Agoo Active wear range and bamboo leg warmers are so popular.

My little one Mia has the most gorgeous "Squart" (Yep - you guessed it, a cross between shorts and a skirt) in maroon, with a cute little butterfly and a matching tee to go with it. She wears this with some beautiful Agoo Leg Warmers in winter, or without in summer. I love the fact that she is super comfy, super cute and well protected from the sun's harmful rays. So head over to Agoo and have a look at their gorgeous range when you have time! Happy shopping....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Introducing - The Allergy Shop online

Jumping forward now to another one of our fabulous stockists, I am excited to introduce Kerrie and her online store - The Allergy Shop. The Allergy Shop sells a fantastic range of allergy products, and also provides information and fact sheets on eczema, asthma and allergies. They stock clothing for eczema sufferers (clothing designed with in-built mitts to help children stop scratching), along with our luxuriously soft bamboo baby wear which is great for eczema management. Other products include organic cotton gloves, sensitive-skin sunscreen, wet wrap garments, asthma spacers, allergy shampoo and conditioner, laundry care, organic cotton underwear, eczema cream, allergy-friendly toys, fragrance and chlorine free/biodegradable nappies and more...

Due to bamboo being fabulous for eczema management, I often get asked for things such as scratch mits and wet wrap garments, so it is great to be working with Kerrie and to be able to refer these customers on. It is often hard to find what you need when your child has severe eczema or allergies, however Kerrie has sourced the best from around the globe and presents it all beautifully in their online store.
Here are a few of my favourites:

Organic cotton briefs ($15.00) and singlet ($19.00)

Sunscreen for eczema /sensitive skin EnviroDiscs

I particularly love the EnviroDiscs and hope to try these out one day - similar to soap nuts, you simply pop them in your wash instead of using chemicals or liquid - and "voila" - (here is some more detailed information)

EnviroDisc replaces harsh washing detergents with reusable chemical free washing discs.
- Allergy free and anti-bacterial (killing bacteria such as E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Klabsiella pneumonia)
- Chemical free and non-toxic
- Environmentally friendly
- Highly economical (saves more than 50% of the cost over conventional laundry detergents)
- Cleans and softens the fabric but does not add fragrance
- Suitable for top and front loading washing machines and easy to use
- Lasts up to 700 washes for top loaders and 500 washes for front loaders
- Water from the wash can then be used on the garden

For more information visit or phone 0432 237 477 to speak with Kerrie.