Sunday, December 6, 2009

Move over Tupperware - ecobabies is here!

I had a lovely surprise this week when one of our new stockists sent me a link to a super article on her new business ecobabies. This article ran in 3 papers - Check out the gorgeous clothing her beautiful children are wearing in the below photo!

Here is the text from the article (Courtesy of Ross McRae - In My Community news), and I know that Erin is going to be run off her feet once all of those WA mums get into full "ecobabies" party mode.

"OFTEN the best business ideas come out of necessity. Erin Edwards turned her back on the corporate life when she settled down just over two years ago to have her first child with husband of five years, Cameron. Being away from the concrete jungle gave Ms Edwards the opportunity to make her family’s life more environmentally friendly.

Already a strict vegetarian, Ms Edwards started growing her own produce in the back yard of her home. But it was while raising her two children, Alice (2) and 10-month-old Oscar, that she discovered how difficult it was to find eco-friendly baby products. And thus Ms Edwards’ business, ecobabies, was born.

“I started ecobabies to give people the opportunity to see and touch a range of natural, eco-friendly baby products in a relaxed environment,” she said.

“I am passionate about babies and caring for the environment and it was important to me to combine the two.”

Knowing all too well that new mums are time-precious, Ms Edwards has tried to make ecobabies an accessible and stress-free shopping experience. “The idea is that people have an ecobabies party where I come to their home and demonstrate the range of products,” she said. “They include cloth nappies, nappy accessories, bamboo clothing, baby care products and baby carriers.”

**end article**

I am delighted that Erin has chosen to introduce Babyjo (along with other gorgeous brands) to her rapidly growing market/clients, and I am so excited to see how well she is going already - What a fabulous idea, it is just like having a department store come to you (with carefully chosen items) in your own home - Too easy!

If you are interested in booking an ecobabies party - feel free to download/browse through ecobabies range in their online catalogue, or call Erin for further details (contact number is located on website)

Thanks again Erin and all the best for ecobabies in 2010.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sommers Home Made Muesli Bars

Hmmmm - too good to miss out on! I posted this on Love Ya Baby this evening, but then felt that I would like to share it with you all as well - simply the best muesli bars (easiest, yummiest and best) to make.

Personally, I like healthy - My little person has a savory tooth on her, and she is happy to eat almost any fruit and vege I put in front of her. She does have the occasional ice cream or bit of chocolate as a small treat, but generally, we eat healthy all the time. We love these muesli bars as they are relatively healthy *bit of honey and bit of butter* and we know exactly what is in them. (Just quietly, my "big person" loves them also and they are great to take to work.)

Recipe is courtesy of my lovely friend Sommer, hence the name.

You will need:

150 g Unsalted Butter

175 g Honey

3 Eggs

60 g shredded coconut

1 teaspoon baking powder

3 tablespoons sesame seeds

200 g pitted prunes or dates, chopped into small pieces

100g dried peaches/apricots, chopped into small pieces

75 g currants or sultanas

To make:

Pre heat oven to 170 degrees (Celsius) and line a sandwich tin or flat tray with baking paper. (NB - size doesn't really matter - I use a large one and just place mixture in part of it.)

Put the honey and butter in microwave until melted and runny.

Crack and whisk the eggs together (little people love doing this, and can easily help)

Combine all other dry ingredients in a large bowl. Combine melted butter and honey with whisked eggs ans then stir into the dry ingredients. Spoon/tip onto tray and spread mixture to the edges (or spread and even up sides not touching edges)You can sprinkle extra sesame seeds on top for garnish.

NB - It is up to you how thick you make them, I usually try for about the same thickness as shop bought muesli bars or slightly thicker.

Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes until golden brown. Allow to cool for at least half an hour before cutting into snack sizes or muesli bar size. (Makes approximately 12) - If you try and take the baking paper off the bottom of them before they have cooled - you will be in a huge mess, so don't be tempted! Just wait patiently....

I like to wrap individually in glad wrap and keep them in the fridge (or they can be stored in air tight container in the pantry for around 2-3 days.

Hope you and your little person enjoy as much as we do!

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Blog(s)

What do you think of our blog's new look? We love it! Thanks ever so much to the hard work and professionalism of Sarah at Style Me Gorgeous and the team at Webnovation. It is so nice to have such a lovely new home for our little panda, and a gorgeous blog to match!
A lot has been going on lately, the weather has been amazing and Christmas is fast approaching.

I have started up a new blog (separate to this one and Babyjo) that I would love for you all to check out! Love Ya Baby - a blog for your little person, is all about "being". Being a parent, being a great mum or dad, being happy, being healthy and being the best that you can.
I have already written a few great posts about gardening, worm wee (of all things) and I have embarked upon a review of our fave Melbourne Parks. Sometimes, its hard to know where to go, what to do and just to come up with a new and interesting activity for your little person, so this is where Love Ya Baby can help. Subscribe to receive email updates, or add us to your Google reader - I promise, you wont be disappointed.

So - that's it for today! Short and sweet and I am looking forward to the warm weather ahead, when I will be outside with my little person, picking fresh tomato's, snow peas, eggplant and carrots from our lovely garden!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lollipop Christmas

A while ago, I introduced you to the world of Lollipop Baby - I so wish that I had a little bubba who would fit into their gorgeous designs - and I wish I had found them when the little miss was smaller!

Wait until you see how cute their Christmas range is! To refresh your memory - Lollipop Baby design and create the most gorgeous, quirky and funky personalised clothing for your special little one. Make their Christmas a special one this year - and head over to see their gorgeous range!

All designs are printed on 100% cotton, combed for softness and comfort and are available in white short-sleeved bodysuit (onesie) or t-shirt and long-sleeved t-shirt. Sizes available are 3-6m, 6-12m and 12-18 months.

This was just a sneak peak of some cute ones - I am going to have to buy one just for fun! Wishing everyone happy shopping in the lead up to Christmas!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A new home for our little panda

Well - the day has finally arrived - our new website has launched and looks absolutely amazing!

A few months back, I was over the moon to find out that I had won (on Skout) a package from Webnovation (amazingly talented web designers) and Style Me Gorgeous (Gorgeous Graphic Designer). Not only did I get a brand new website, our little panda received a brand new home and some "Gorgeous Styling" from Sarah, and I have to say - I am in LOVE with it.
I really can not thank them enough. From start to finish, their service has been amazing, each time I have made a suggestion about something, or asked for changes, it has been completed immediately, and the end result has far exceeded my expectations.

To celebrate, we are having a "Launch Special" - Buy any striped bamboo blanket, and receive a striped bamboo beanie FREE! ($19.95 RRP) - To take up this offer - simply head over to our site, select your blanket and beanie colour, then use the code "launch" at checkout to receive your discount - Too easy! (offer available until the 16th November 2009)

I invite you all to have a look around Babyjo and the new site - and if ever you are in need of a super team to work on your website, I would not hesitate to tell you these guys are the best!!! Thanks Webnovation and Style Me Gorgeous!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Couldn't help myself!

It's hard you know - working from home, on the computer constantly, looking at gorgeous things for little people..... I often get sidetracked, and find myself hitting the "pay now via paypal" button and then get excited awaiting something in the post for the next few days.

I was delighted with my latest purchase - from a gorgeous, gorgeous website Thula Thula.
Beautifully designed, and exceptional quality, these drawstring pants (advertised as boy's drawstring pants) look so comfy and cute, that I had to buy some for Mia.

I was amazed at the quality, and I love, love, love them. The little Miss spends so much time hanging out with me, playing around and needing to be comfy, so these are nicer than trackies, different to jeans and allow her full ability to move freely (not to mention that they are so darn funky!)
Other faves I have my eye on are the "Ant's picnic singlet" and the "Tic Toc Stripey top"

The "Anchor sunsuit" and "Apricot Ruffle Cardi" are other favourites, and look absolutely gorgeous. Naomi from Thula Thula is delightful to deal with and shopping is super easy on her site. Thanks for sending my gorgeous purchase! I highly recommend a spot of shopping for your little poppet at Thula Thula, or keep up to date with new releases and designs at their blog.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Funkiest Bibs I ever saw.......

Dribbling, drooling, teething, sucking, slurping, more dribbling - It's a scenario that most of us are quite familiar with in the first few months (or longer) of our little one's lives.
I know that I used to get so frustrated when I dressed Mia in a cute new outfit, only to have big dribble (or even worse, milky chuck) marks on the front ~ Its a fact though, most bubs have a tendancy to have no control whatsoever over their mouths...
Here's where Flobib come in - not only have they got gorgeous bibs, they are different to the norm and are cut to make your bub look even cuter! I love the fact that they are made from gorgeous, funky, designer materials and I love the bandana shape that ensures that outfits are still able to be seen, yet are protected from little dribblers!

Here's one of my faves, I love orange! - Have a look at Flobib's site for the entire range.

I am also loving Flobib's use of bamboo, in their new "Pocket burper" , a bamboo burp cloth with pocket to catch anything "extra" (if you know what I mean!) ~ too cute for words and perfect to take anywhere with you!

You can now follow Flobib on Facebook to see what gorgeous, groovy product they will come up with next! Happy shopping!

Monday, September 14, 2009


We are so excited to have so many wonderful stockists! Babyjo is growing and growing~ we thought that it is high time that we share some of their lovely stores with you and we wish to thank them for their support!

One of our latest stockists is the most gorgeous new store - Enchanted Closet in High Street, Armadale (Melbourne). Enchanted Closet also have a beautiful shop in Woodend, if you are ever venturing up that way - I highly recommend "dropping in for a shop".

Pictured below, Enchanted Closet recently opened the doors to their lovely new High Street shop and what a beautiful, enchanting store it is! I must say, that even though I couldn't make the opening, I did see the gorgeous pink striped feature wall when I took our stock in, and I can't wait to go back and do some serious shopping when I have a spare moment.
Step into the Enchanted Closet and you immediately fell a sense of calm and "enchantment" - from the very beautiful dressing rooms, to the "little people's corner". There is something for Mum and something for the little ones - all beautifully displayed amidst the gorgeous design of this charming store.

Of course, you will find Babyjo Bamboo wear in this seriously divine store, and I am so proud that our products are displayed along with beautiful creations from Little Bubble and Tree, Heavenly Creatures and the absolutely beautiful Monday's Child Pyjamas! With many more wonderful labels to chose from soon, I highly recommend a visit, if only to look around at the beautiful range of clothing and goodies!

Should you be in the mood to shop for yourself and not your little one, there is a stunning range of clothing and accessories from the Doll's Boutique, Green Eyed Monster, Luxe Acessories and Piper lane (to mention a few). You really need to visit Enchanted Closet to experience the charm and delights of Mia and Kate's hard work - 1087 High Street Armadale, Melbourne.

Congratulations to you both on such a wonderful store, wonderful location and gorgeous designers that you have on board! I look forward to visiting again soon.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lunchbox Love

So - I LOVE all things cute and practical, especially when it comes to buying for my little one Mia, who is (as she will proudly tell anyone who asks) "two and ahalf".

One of my favourite online purchases this week comes from Monkey Caboose, a gorgeous, gorgeous site with some super funky products (including some lovely bamboo clothing from a well known company! Ha ha)
Whoever thought that buying a "lunchbox" could be so exciting. Simone from Monkey Caboose is the exclusive stockist in Australia for the ever-so-funky Milkdot Stoh lunch tote.
Available in Cotton Candy Pink (above), or Robins Egg Blue (below)These totes are the best way to pack for your little one when out and about. The Milkdot is fully insulated, has pockets to secure small items, is completely PVC free, lead safe and what's more, it folds flat when not in use. I love the little name tag holder (you could also get creative and pop a photo in there) and the tote is strong and durable - lasting for many lunches I am sure!
Mia was so excited last night when we received her new "lunch box" and this morning we went out early for a special breakfast at our fave cafe (really, it's just an excuse for mummy to not have to organise and clean up breakfast dishes, and to be able to sit quietly with a perfect latte and allow someone else to wait on me!). You can imagine how cute she was, with her little Milkdot tote swinging in the breeze and she was proud as punch to show anyone in the cafe who would look. (She actually unzipped it and showed the barista the "little pocket" inside that she had tucked her scissors into.) he he.

Retailing at $44.95, the tote may seem pricier than other usual plastic lunchboxes, however I assure you that it is money well spent. Not only will you have one stylish poppet, you are ensuring that your child's food is kept safe and securely packed. The stylish look of the Milkdot also perfectly compliments the modern, funky child - and I have to say that Mia took it to play group today, and now I am not so sure it will be that unique as everyone was asking where to get them! He he - you can't win sometimes, but I would love for every child to have one, they are so so cute!
Thanks to Monkey Caboose for bringing us such a gorgeous product!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What comes first? The Chicken or the Egg?

It’s the age old question that no one can answer.... and I am sorry to say, I still haven’t worked it out either.

However, I can tell you that I did discover a gorgeous brand of childrens clothing in my endeavour to solve the riddle – Cheeky Chickies – Free range Clothing.

Forget traditional baby blue, baby pink or pastel green – Cheeky Chickies have designed the most gorgeous collection of organic clothing in bright, bold and daring styles.

Completely complimentary to today’s colourful fashion trends, you will find gorgeous items that mix and match perfectly and accentuate your little chicken’s playful nature.

I am totally in love with the 3/4 length bubble pants (below):

And a great addition to these is the Rise and Shine Short Sleeve Tee (below):

I know that when I look for clothes for my little one, not only is organic important, style is paramount and Cheeky Chickies has it all! If you want your funky little one to stand out in the crowd, then these gorgeous designs are surely the way to go. What I love about the Cheeky Chickies Range is that all of their clothing is Australian Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

I think you will absolutely adore this fabulous label - and urge you to head over to see what all the fuss is about!

Feeling Cheeky?

I so love a good name for a shop - " A little bit of Cheek" says it all and their logo is just as cute...

I tend to waste hours of valuable working time looking at everyone else's sites, and often making frivolous purchases for my little one, as I just CANT resist.

A little bit of Cheek is one funky site for your little one, stocking "only the coolest threads around".
I have already found my favourite piece, "The Greatest Jumpsuit" by Two Belles - I just have to wait for the weather to warm up so that Mia can wear it with pride! (How cute is this cheeky little model by the way!)

Also by Two Belles, and high up on my purchase list are the " Best Shorty Shorts" - I have a pair of denim shorts that Mia has worn all last summer, and all through winter with Baby Legs or leg huggers, and they are just so funky! Great value for money and these are simply the cutest I have seen around.
To be fair, I should also point out that there are loads of funky boys clothes as well, I am loving this little tie singlet by Blink Designs (Australian Made) and just now while I am typing this blog post, I reckon it would be pretty cute on boys or girls!

Throw this on with a pair of Pocket Rocket by Tommy Rocket Denim Shorts and your little man will be the coolest on the streets (or in the playground!)
A little bit of Cheek also stock ultra funky labels such as JettRoc and Itch Designs along with Baobab for little ones. Clothing sizes range from 000 up to 14 yrs so you will be guaranteed to find something for the little one in your life!
Happy Shopping everyone.......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Purple Cow? No thanks! Pink Giraffe

Have you ever stumbled across a store that is just loaded with gorgeously girly clothing that makes you so excited that your credit card literally "jumps" out of your wallet and lands on the keyboard in front of you?
Having a little one of 2.5 years who is just discovering the delight of dresses and skirts, I have to admit, that I have taken a new look at her wardrobe which up until now has consisted of funky, stylish, cute but practical clothing.
You can imagine her delight as I start adding beautiful little dresses that she can dress herself in (as she is "miss independant" these days) and can be worn in the middle of winter with stockings/leg warmers and a long sleeve.

Pink Giraffe
have the most gorgeous, amazing range of Vintage inspired handmade dresses, pinafores and skirts for your little one.
I am loving this one - the "spotty chicken dress" with gorgeous choc tie ribbon waist - how cute are the "spotty chickens"!

For something a little quirky, yet super, super cute, you can't go past this gorgeous denim skirt with braces and funky Robert Kaufmans "Metro Market Apples" pocket!

Perfect in Winter with long sleeves and funky leggings, or wear it in the warmer months with a tee or cute singlet underneath!
And if your little one is like mine, and loves to wear some funky pants every now and then, Pink Giraffe has this covered also. All of their items have postage included, and for a lovingly handmade garment are so well priced, anyone can afford to dress their little princess in vintage style. To make life even better - Pink Giraffe are 1 year old, and are having a wee little birthday party with 10-20% off selected stock, so it's a great time to shop!

Ah - I am off to do a spot of shopping me thinks! Thanks Belinda for having such gorgeous products that are so beautifully unique and fun!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just for your little Princess!

Having a 2.5 year old girl has brought out the "princess" in me. Don't get me wrong, I was never one to be running around in a pink tutu when I was little, it was more pants and a tee and playing on my bike with my older brother and his friends. I was what you would call a "tomboy" (not to the extent that I cut my hair super short or anything) and proud of it!
Since having Mia, I have found joy in dressing her in many different outfits. Being on the computer all the time, and loving online shopping - this can be dangerous.

Her most favourite clothes to "hang out in" are usually practical and comfy - babylegs under shorts or under tees to get loads of wear out of the favourites are always good and cute, and she loves her trackies too - we spend a heap of time outside, so warmth (during our cold Melbourne winter) is super important as is functionality.

On the other hand - if we go somewhere, she adores wearing something pretty, and girly - and I have to say, I enjoy helping her create her outfit.

Which brings me to a gorgeous brand I have discovered - Little Diva Designs, who create unique clothing to make your gorgeous girl stand out among the crowd. All clothes are handmade in Australia using cotton fabrics to ensure they last and most can be worn through changing seasons.

Above is one of my favourites - the Little Diva Dress - How gorgeous and summery is it?

These dresses are fantastic all year round. Wear as a gorgeous summery dress or in winter with jeans or leggings underneath and a long sleeve top. The dresses can also be worn as a tunic top once they become too short as a dress and eachdress comes with a matching fabric covered hair clip.

Little Diva Designs also do gorgeous skirts (and I love the bright, bold colours and funky styles) - this is a favourite also.

Also new in their range are the "Snigglebottoms" a gorgeous range of softies which are perfect for any age. They are the perfect size for little hands and great for cuddles. Each Snigglebottom has their own name and they are made from wool-blend felt and 100% medium-weight cotton fabric. How cute! (Do they come in sizes for adults - he he)

You can visit Little Diva Designs here to buy for your little princess, or follow there blog to keep up to date with new arrivals.

What a gorgeous brand, and one that I will have to stock up on!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time to get Healthy again

Well - Here I go, blogging about tomorrow, which is going to be the start of a new me (again!)
Late last year, I embarked upon the "84 Day Body Challenge" to change my body shape and get healthy.
After having Little Mia, I had put on a few extra Kilos and never really got rid of them. (who says that Breastfeeding miraculously helps you shed your pregnancy weight?..... Grrrr)
I have never really had success from diets, fitness regimes or promises to myself to get healthy, however - I stuck to the challenge, and lost almost 8kgs in total (over the 84 days) and felt amazing. Since then, I have continued to eat well for months, however the excercise has dropped off with the cooler months, and the kilo's are starting to creep back (maybe this has something to do with my love of chocolate and wine?)

So - last night, lying in bed, I thought to myself, I really need to get back on the challenge and motivate myself to make some changes again. I have been eagerly awaiting medication from New Zealand (not available in Australia) for a crappy allergy that I have issues with, and the lovely side effect of this is considerable weight gain. ENOUGH!! - I will not have extra kilo's piled on just because I need to get well - I have made the decision to beat this medication at it's own game, and get in first.

About the challenge.
Some good (and beautiful) friends of mine, Matt Thom and Monica Wright are the most amazing people you could ever come across. Completely focused, super healthy, lovely, caring and considerate - they have the whole package. It's no wonder that they run a highly successful Gym/Training Centre in Flemington, Melbourne - they are also the "World's fittest Couple" , holding the champion title an amazing 7 times! (You can understand why I trust them with my health and fitness!)
After many years of hard work and research, they have released their book "Change your body, Change your life" and their 84 day Body Challenge manual. I followed these (as best as I could) and had a fantastic result. My health improved 10 fold, my energy levels shot up and I lost almost 8kgs (and lots of cms off problem areas) - I couldn't be happier.

Don't get me wrong - this isn't one of those "you cant eat anything other than cabbages and lemons" diet - it is more a way of learning how to eat healthily and exercise to improve your body and health. Sure - there is some lovely supplements that you can take to improve your wellbeing (and yes, they do taste like lucerne chaff that you would feed to a horse) however I have never felt and looked as good as I did at the end of the 84 days (I actually weigh less now than before I was pregnant, so that's a bonus).
The good news is, that after the first 2 weeks of healthy eating, you can indulge on 1 day of every week. Eat what you want, when you want and not feel guilty at all. I can still have my wine and chocolate, as long as i do it on the same day!

This being said, I am looking forward to embarking on this journey again, and sticking to it with the same enthusiasm as last time. Why am I blogging about this I hear you ask - well, I really need to commit to myself, and so thought it best to let you all know. Next time I reach for the chocolate, I hope to think "Can't let all of those friends and followers down!" and this will be good motivation for me!

GO CHALLENGE! - If you are interested in joining me (yup- 3 whole months), you can read more or purchase the book and manual from Fitness Kick online - it has all of the eating plans, weekly checklists and food and excercise suggestions. A lot of things, you can do with toddler or baby in tow (I used to do a workout at the park when Mia was playing - you can do chin ups on the bar - tricep dips on the step near the slide, push ups anywhere and other assorted stuff after a huge walk or run with the pram) - I also take her swimming a lot and have devised a range of stuff i can do while supervising her in the pool. I am so looking forward to starting again - it will mean that I have to go out and buy yet another wardrobe (but who doesn't love an excuse to go shopping!)

Wish me luck - I will keep you updated as to how it is going. Tonight, I may just sink a bottle of wine and eat (another) block of chocolate in preparation (LOL).

Friday, July 10, 2009

Petit - A gorgeous shopping experience

Every now and then, you find a store that has so much "gorgeousness" to offer, and as you would know, this is so very dangerous in the world of online shopping!
Petit is the importer/distributor of so many gorgeous brands. They have a luxurious range of clothing, accessories and toiletries for children of all ages.
I am loving their latest additions:
Bright colourful organic clothing from Organic Beginnings,
Natural Silk and Organic cotton clothing from absea baby,

gorgeous boyswear from Bobinette and beautiful organic style from Angel Dear.

Not only does Petit stock all of these gorgeous garments, they have a fabulous range of luxury fragrances for little ones. (Having a little daughter, you can imagine which range I like!)

"Do you have little girls who constantly use your favourite (and very expensive) perfume? How many times have you gone to put perfume on and it's down to the last drop because your little princess has decided she wanted to "smell nice"!

Well now they can have their very own. Petit has a range just for them. Every little girl should have a bit of perfume to call her own, a bottle or two to spritz or dab on when she pleases. The Petit Amour range of colognes is the perfect cologne for girls who want to "smell nice".

Chriss tells me that for their age group, delicate florals are a better choice, as these frangrances are more subtle and gentle than heavier scents, which can become a bit overwhelming and not really appropriate for their age group. Perfume for youngsters is meant to be light and fun, the perfect accessory for divas in training. Petit's perfumes contain delicate floral notes mixed with a touch of sage leaves and galvano with delicate sprinkles of Italian Jasmine, narcissus, musk, moss and lilac.

Fragrances make a great gift for youngsters especially since kids often love the idea that they are "all grown up". Giving kids their own perfumes to play with will keep them from getting into Mommy's stash of fine fragrances -- we hope. Petit's colognes also come in gift packs with a Body Spray / Deodorant (non aerosol; no aluminium) which are also suitable for girls who are slightly older and who are just starting to try perfume for the first time."

Petit will also be exhibiting at the upcoming Kids In Style trade fair in Melbourne, so make sure you drop past and browse through their range, I will be making a special trip to have a look myself!

Petit's new website is currently being redesigned to incorporate all of these amazing products, however I am sure that you will love browsing through their range as much as I did once its ready to go! Be sure to follow their blog - they are often in the press for their gorgeous collection and celebs worldwide are using many of their products. Thanks for bringing us such a gorgeous amount of goodies Chriss!