Monday, July 20, 2009

Just for your little Princess!

Having a 2.5 year old girl has brought out the "princess" in me. Don't get me wrong, I was never one to be running around in a pink tutu when I was little, it was more pants and a tee and playing on my bike with my older brother and his friends. I was what you would call a "tomboy" (not to the extent that I cut my hair super short or anything) and proud of it!
Since having Mia, I have found joy in dressing her in many different outfits. Being on the computer all the time, and loving online shopping - this can be dangerous.

Her most favourite clothes to "hang out in" are usually practical and comfy - babylegs under shorts or under tees to get loads of wear out of the favourites are always good and cute, and she loves her trackies too - we spend a heap of time outside, so warmth (during our cold Melbourne winter) is super important as is functionality.

On the other hand - if we go somewhere, she adores wearing something pretty, and girly - and I have to say, I enjoy helping her create her outfit.

Which brings me to a gorgeous brand I have discovered - Little Diva Designs, who create unique clothing to make your gorgeous girl stand out among the crowd. All clothes are handmade in Australia using cotton fabrics to ensure they last and most can be worn through changing seasons.

Above is one of my favourites - the Little Diva Dress - How gorgeous and summery is it?

These dresses are fantastic all year round. Wear as a gorgeous summery dress or in winter with jeans or leggings underneath and a long sleeve top. The dresses can also be worn as a tunic top once they become too short as a dress and eachdress comes with a matching fabric covered hair clip.

Little Diva Designs also do gorgeous skirts (and I love the bright, bold colours and funky styles) - this is a favourite also.

Also new in their range are the "Snigglebottoms" a gorgeous range of softies which are perfect for any age. They are the perfect size for little hands and great for cuddles. Each Snigglebottom has their own name and they are made from wool-blend felt and 100% medium-weight cotton fabric. How cute! (Do they come in sizes for adults - he he)

You can visit Little Diva Designs here to buy for your little princess, or follow there blog to keep up to date with new arrivals.

What a gorgeous brand, and one that I will have to stock up on!


  1. What gorgeous designs shame they don't make them in larger sizes for girls I would love one for my "big" princess.

  2. Thanks Chris - I love blogging about beautiful stuff, its always so easy to do~ (and I usually end up buying stuff as well (as I have done with this gorgeous dress - I cant resist!)
    You could ask Christine if she can make them in larger sizes - you never know your luck~ I am sure she would be delighted to hear from you.