Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mia's fave blanket!

I have been so busy lately, that i took some time out to take some photos of my little one, Mia. She just adores her stash of babyjo bamboo blankets, so i thought it fitting that i share some of the 101 photos i took of her with you~
I never imagined that a 2 year old would love posing so much - and when i asked her to look out the window and think of her favourite things, this is what i got!
Of course, she has a few of each colour in the blankets (so i can rotate them around when washing and just because i can't seem to say "no" to her when she flutters her eyelashes at me) but the pink is always her fave~

Just in case you are all wondering, I don't just take photos of bamboo blankets and babyjo stuff - here is another of my favourites - taken just a few weeks ago at Royal Melb. Zoo (Oh, and i love love love their bamboo plantations there! he he he)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well - the time has come! We have just committed to our new range of babyjo designer bamboo clothing.
Estimated to be available in store in around 45 days - this new range is simply beautiful.
As soon as we have imagery, we will post it on our blog (and all products will of course be displayed on our site) for all to see.
A little tidbit of information for you though.......
The new range is "gorgeously organic feeling" and consists of new bodysuit styles, new footed rompers, beautiful bamboo singlets, a gorgeous new style of bamboo blanket, and the best part - a stunning set of bamboo/organic cotton pyjamas. These will be available in both summer and winter weight (depending on where you live!) and they are divine!
There is an additional sizing option (6-9months) in the current styles, and the PJ's will go up to a size 3......


Our current bamboo/organic blankets are selling so well - we will have to re stock shortly... but let me get over this order first!

We look forward to bringing you our new range of bamboo wear, and hope that you and your bub are out there lovin' it!