Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mia's fave blanket!

I have been so busy lately, that i took some time out to take some photos of my little one, Mia. She just adores her stash of babyjo bamboo blankets, so i thought it fitting that i share some of the 101 photos i took of her with you~
I never imagined that a 2 year old would love posing so much - and when i asked her to look out the window and think of her favourite things, this is what i got!
Of course, she has a few of each colour in the blankets (so i can rotate them around when washing and just because i can't seem to say "no" to her when she flutters her eyelashes at me) but the pink is always her fave~

Just in case you are all wondering, I don't just take photos of bamboo blankets and babyjo stuff - here is another of my favourites - taken just a few weeks ago at Royal Melb. Zoo (Oh, and i love love love their bamboo plantations there! he he he)