Saturday, June 27, 2009

My little "inspiration"

So - I am in the process of cleaning up our PC files, and transferring everything i need over to my laptop (PC is very very sick and has to go and have a "hospital" visit with my brother), who just so happens to be a PC Doctor!
I was flicking through some (unorganised) photos, and found this one:

I thought I would share it with you~ a close friend (who is an amazing photographer) took it on her 2nd Birthday, and she had the biggest smile all afternoon (which could have actually been a result of the sugar rush from her first ever cupcake!).
I never thought I would be one of those "mummy's" who post millions of pictures (or email them) to anyone and everyone.......... But it's so hard not too when you are so proud!
Have a fabulous week everyone!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Babyjo joins Trifle along with others!

We are so excited to have been asked to join Trifle!

Babyjo is proud to team up with so many other amazing designers (these can be seen on Trifle Notebook and we can't wait to get our product out to the rest of the world.

Trifle is an online shopping experience like no other in the world. Customers will be able to shop from a collaboration of over 50 hand picked designers - all in one place from all over the world. Customers will have a choice to buy from different designers, from different parts of the world, in different currencies, all with one click. Trifle is made up of designers from various sectors of the kid's product industry.

To discover the great new concept of shopping and read all about the great designers joining Trifle please visit blog

Monday, June 8, 2009

Look what I found Mum!

"Look what i found Mum - funky wall art for my bedroom! I simply MUST have it......."

"Any bedroom (especially mine, Mum) has to have these beautiful Russian Nesting Doll Wall Decals. They appear to be a modern twist on the traditional favourite Matryoshka or Babushka Dolls, and I REALLY want them! Puhleeeease......."

After closer inspection, I find that she has handed me a gorgeous set of these exclusively designed *for Lola & Ben NZ decals. The creative talent behind them, just so happens to be one of my favourites ~ StikyTiki Wall Graphics from New Zealand.

"But mum, look ~ there are five Nesting Dolls in total and they are sooooooooo cute, i just have to have them! Dont worry - they can be removed from the walls heaps of times, without causing any damage, and they will look so good next to my bookcase!"

I am just about to tell her no, that she doesnt need any more anything in her bedroom (it's hard enough to keep clean as it is) when i see that eco-friendly inks have been used on a fabric decal base, and i am sold. She knows, and you know too, that i am all for eco friendly and organic, so i was sold!

The more i looked at these gorgeous Nesting Dolls, I thought hhmmmmmm I could actually take them off her walls, and use them in the lounge room or my bedroom, they are so cute! The set comes with 14 flowers that can be used to create a special scene and add flair and at only $79 (NZD) they are a great option for lifting the mood in any room (I know where they will stay though if the little miss has anything to do with it!)

I say, "Oh, Darling, lets pop them back on the shelf though, I see here that Lola & Ben are offering free postage on all Decals throughout June, and I know that I will want to buy more pretty things from them, so lets do some online shopping when we get home! Trust me - these are just gorgeous, and will look beautiful in any little girls room....

For more information and sizing details, visit

"Look what I found Mum!"

I am sure that you are all familiar with this scene:

Mum and child are in shop. Mum is trying to actually buy something (not just browse) child is hiding under clothes. Child is playing with things they shouldn't be. Child is putting sticky fingers all over nice clean windows and blowing raspberries at the shoppers outside.
When it comes time to pay your credit card is stuck in your wallet, forcing you to wrestle it out in front of the super cool retail assistant, (not to mention that when you pulled your purse out of your bag, there was something squishy and unrecognisable stuck to the front of it which you quickly brushed off and hope no one saw!)
Just as you think you are homefree and about to finalise the purchase you hear....."Look what i found Mum!" and know that it's not over yet.

So - here goes our latest blog additions - bringing you "Look what i found mum!" - reviews of all kind from a child's perspective! Enjoy!