Monday, June 8, 2009

"Look what I found Mum!"

I am sure that you are all familiar with this scene:

Mum and child are in shop. Mum is trying to actually buy something (not just browse) child is hiding under clothes. Child is playing with things they shouldn't be. Child is putting sticky fingers all over nice clean windows and blowing raspberries at the shoppers outside.
When it comes time to pay your credit card is stuck in your wallet, forcing you to wrestle it out in front of the super cool retail assistant, (not to mention that when you pulled your purse out of your bag, there was something squishy and unrecognisable stuck to the front of it which you quickly brushed off and hope no one saw!)
Just as you think you are homefree and about to finalise the purchase you hear....."Look what i found Mum!" and know that it's not over yet.

So - here goes our latest blog additions - bringing you "Look what i found mum!" - reviews of all kind from a child's perspective! Enjoy!

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