Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What comes first? The Chicken or the Egg?

It’s the age old question that no one can answer.... and I am sorry to say, I still haven’t worked it out either.

However, I can tell you that I did discover a gorgeous brand of childrens clothing in my endeavour to solve the riddle – Cheeky Chickies – Free range Clothing.

Forget traditional baby blue, baby pink or pastel green – Cheeky Chickies have designed the most gorgeous collection of organic clothing in bright, bold and daring styles.

Completely complimentary to today’s colourful fashion trends, you will find gorgeous items that mix and match perfectly and accentuate your little chicken’s playful nature.

I am totally in love with the 3/4 length bubble pants (below):

And a great addition to these is the Rise and Shine Short Sleeve Tee (below):

I know that when I look for clothes for my little one, not only is organic important, style is paramount and Cheeky Chickies has it all! If you want your funky little one to stand out in the crowd, then these gorgeous designs are surely the way to go. What I love about the Cheeky Chickies Range is that all of their clothing is Australian Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

I think you will absolutely adore this fabulous label - and urge you to head over to see what all the fuss is about!

Feeling Cheeky?

I so love a good name for a shop - " A little bit of Cheek" says it all and their logo is just as cute...

I tend to waste hours of valuable working time looking at everyone else's sites, and often making frivolous purchases for my little one, as I just CANT resist.

A little bit of Cheek is one funky site for your little one, stocking "only the coolest threads around".
I have already found my favourite piece, "The Greatest Jumpsuit" by Two Belles - I just have to wait for the weather to warm up so that Mia can wear it with pride! (How cute is this cheeky little model by the way!)

Also by Two Belles, and high up on my purchase list are the " Best Shorty Shorts" - I have a pair of denim shorts that Mia has worn all last summer, and all through winter with Baby Legs or leg huggers, and they are just so funky! Great value for money and these are simply the cutest I have seen around.
To be fair, I should also point out that there are loads of funky boys clothes as well, I am loving this little tie singlet by Blink Designs (Australian Made) and just now while I am typing this blog post, I reckon it would be pretty cute on boys or girls!

Throw this on with a pair of Pocket Rocket by Tommy Rocket Denim Shorts and your little man will be the coolest on the streets (or in the playground!)
A little bit of Cheek also stock ultra funky labels such as JettRoc and Itch Designs along with Baobab for little ones. Clothing sizes range from 000 up to 14 yrs so you will be guaranteed to find something for the little one in your life!
Happy Shopping everyone.......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Purple Cow? No thanks! Pink Giraffe

Have you ever stumbled across a store that is just loaded with gorgeously girly clothing that makes you so excited that your credit card literally "jumps" out of your wallet and lands on the keyboard in front of you?
Having a little one of 2.5 years who is just discovering the delight of dresses and skirts, I have to admit, that I have taken a new look at her wardrobe which up until now has consisted of funky, stylish, cute but practical clothing.
You can imagine her delight as I start adding beautiful little dresses that she can dress herself in (as she is "miss independant" these days) and can be worn in the middle of winter with stockings/leg warmers and a long sleeve.

Pink Giraffe
have the most gorgeous, amazing range of Vintage inspired handmade dresses, pinafores and skirts for your little one.
I am loving this one - the "spotty chicken dress" with gorgeous choc tie ribbon waist - how cute are the "spotty chickens"!

For something a little quirky, yet super, super cute, you can't go past this gorgeous denim skirt with braces and funky Robert Kaufmans "Metro Market Apples" pocket!

Perfect in Winter with long sleeves and funky leggings, or wear it in the warmer months with a tee or cute singlet underneath!
And if your little one is like mine, and loves to wear some funky pants every now and then, Pink Giraffe has this covered also. All of their items have postage included, and for a lovingly handmade garment are so well priced, anyone can afford to dress their little princess in vintage style. To make life even better - Pink Giraffe are 1 year old, and are having a wee little birthday party with 10-20% off selected stock, so it's a great time to shop!

Ah - I am off to do a spot of shopping me thinks! Thanks Belinda for having such gorgeous products that are so beautifully unique and fun!