Monday, June 8, 2009

Look what I found Mum!

"Look what i found Mum - funky wall art for my bedroom! I simply MUST have it......."

"Any bedroom (especially mine, Mum) has to have these beautiful Russian Nesting Doll Wall Decals. They appear to be a modern twist on the traditional favourite Matryoshka or Babushka Dolls, and I REALLY want them! Puhleeeease......."

After closer inspection, I find that she has handed me a gorgeous set of these exclusively designed *for Lola & Ben NZ decals. The creative talent behind them, just so happens to be one of my favourites ~ StikyTiki Wall Graphics from New Zealand.

"But mum, look ~ there are five Nesting Dolls in total and they are sooooooooo cute, i just have to have them! Dont worry - they can be removed from the walls heaps of times, without causing any damage, and they will look so good next to my bookcase!"

I am just about to tell her no, that she doesnt need any more anything in her bedroom (it's hard enough to keep clean as it is) when i see that eco-friendly inks have been used on a fabric decal base, and i am sold. She knows, and you know too, that i am all for eco friendly and organic, so i was sold!

The more i looked at these gorgeous Nesting Dolls, I thought hhmmmmmm I could actually take them off her walls, and use them in the lounge room or my bedroom, they are so cute! The set comes with 14 flowers that can be used to create a special scene and add flair and at only $79 (NZD) they are a great option for lifting the mood in any room (I know where they will stay though if the little miss has anything to do with it!)

I say, "Oh, Darling, lets pop them back on the shelf though, I see here that Lola & Ben are offering free postage on all Decals throughout June, and I know that I will want to buy more pretty things from them, so lets do some online shopping when we get home! Trust me - these are just gorgeous, and will look beautiful in any little girls room....

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