Sunday, July 5, 2009

Modern Cloth Nappies and Eco Friendly finds

Another site i am loving at the moment (of course I love anything that is eco friendly or earth conscious!) is Scamps Eco Boutique
Louise created Scamps after she had her first child and found the wide choice or cloth nappies was somewhat confusing. Having discovered that there was a lack of affordable, eco friendly products for babies and children, she set to the task of creating Scamps, one of New Zealand's first stores to sell cloth nappies on line - and she hasn't looked back since!

Specialising in New Zealand made cloth nappies, babywearing wraps and slings, cloth mama pads, natural baby skin care and hand made wooden toys for all ages, there is something here for everyone. For all of you Australian readers, don't be afraid to buy from New Zealand, they have some of the most fantastic products and shopping on line has never been so easy!

I particularly love the Merino Snuggle Wrap (pictured above) and at $35 NZD it is extremely affordable. Why Marino?
  • Merino is a super absorber, it can absorb up to 30% its own weight in moisture before feeling damp.
  • Merino is lightweight and doesn't give the wearer that "clammy" feeling.
  • Merino has natural odour resistant properties.
  • Merino naturally resists soiling as well, so you have a chance to wipe up any spills.
  • Merino is also a natural, renewable fibre making it an important choice in these times where we are all trying to reduce our footprints on this earth for our children.
Scamps Eco Boutique also have a wide range of Cloth Nappies to chose from, including Rudey!Nudey!, Bummis, Fancy Pantz, Honey Child and Karma Kidz.
If you have any questions about Cloth Nappies, Louise will be more than happy to answer them, so don't be afraid to thy them out. A great option for our environment and for the health and care of your little one.

Other great finds at Scamps are the Honey Sticks - NZ Beeswax non-toxic Crayons for kiddies. All natural and super safe - these crayons even smell like honey! Your little "scribbler" won't be able to break these, they are perfect for all ages.
Soap Nuts (no, I am not being rude here) are a wonderful eco friendly alternative to doing your washing - pop them in with the clothes, and hey-presto! 100% Organic Soap Nut Berry - No added chemicals, fragrances, or fillers. a 500gm bag ($24.90 NZD) will give you around 190 washes worth, and soap nuts are Non Allergenic - Kind to humans & pets and great for allergy, eczema & psoriasis sufferers.
Head over to Scamps Eco Boutique and have a browse, I am sure you will find it is refreshing to see a store with such a heavy emphasis on environmental awareness and stocking goods that make life easier as a parent!

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