Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mee a Bee Messenger Bags

I have a tendancy to be really indecisive at times ~ don't get me wrong, I am often involved in compulsive buying sprees, but usually at the shops and when I am rushing. However - this is not the case when it comes to Mee a Bee! I have pored over her gorgeous Messenger bags many, many times and just can't work out which one to buy for Mia.
If you toddler is anything like she is, they will love playing "dress ups" and using any or all of your bags to transport a wide array of toys throughout the house, car and through the shops.
I have since become a collector of a wide variety of bags that she loves to take out, and so my need to invest in a Mee a Bee bag for her. How could I not? They are absolutely divine, made from gorgeous material and quirky prints for kids. This is one of my favourite - Froggy Fun and is a Green canvas bag, lined with green and blue striped cotton. The flap is lovely turquoise with green frogs and white polka dots. Strap is cotton in a bright kelly green. Mia goes "nuts" over frogs at the moment and i know she would take this everywhere!

The other one i totally adore and i know Mia would too - is the "Hide and Seek" bag for girls. This is one of those gorgeous over the shoulder style bags, and is perfect for odds and ends that you take everywhere (or should I say that our darling children like us to take everywhere!) The lining is the cutest yellow printed cotton, cars and other French street scenes. French phrases are written in a lovely hand script.
A little flower button on the front is a cute accent and the best thing is that you can reverse it! How fantastic is that!

One of the things that I love the most about Mee a Bee's creations are that they are made in Japan (I actually resided in Osaka where they are based, for a short while for work, and it is absolutely gorgeous to live there - I can see where the inspiration comes from). You can be sure that your child will look stylish and funky with one of these cute bags.
Also on offer is a gorgeous amount of "cool bags for boys" like this one with gorgeous farm animals for your little man.

Mee a Bee will be showcasing their gorgeous range of bags at Mathildas Markets in Sydney on July 5th - so if you are lucky enough to be able to go, I highly suggest a trip to check them out.
(I think I have finally made up my mind to buy the Froggy Fun messenger bag, so I am off to secure my very own for the little Miss!)

You can purchase your own Mee a Bee bag on Etsy - Meeabees Shop or you can join their blog at Blooming In Nihon(Japan)

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