Friday, July 3, 2009

Retro Van Makeover

Well, its taken me a while to blog about this (it has actually been finished for a while now - but I have been procrastinating) the Retro Van is finished! Well almost - we still have to do the outside, but that's another story.

Basically, it went from "crappy" to "snappy", "lime green" to "gotta be seen" and personally, I'm lovin' it. I can't wait for the weather to get warmer again, so that we can go away and do some camping in it, and Mia loves to go out and play in there for hours at a time.

Yes - that is a disco ball you can see in the photos - it is the perfect addition to our little van, and you can even change the colour to red, green, yellow or blue - great for those impromptu parties while you are away.......


  1. oh how cool is that!! The disco ball is a winner!! Love it. Good reno Jo xx

  2. That is defintely one very funky camper!

  3. I am loving it, Jo!!! Completely gorgeous - I am inspired and want one too!!! xxx