Monday, October 5, 2009

Funkiest Bibs I ever saw.......

Dribbling, drooling, teething, sucking, slurping, more dribbling - It's a scenario that most of us are quite familiar with in the first few months (or longer) of our little one's lives.
I know that I used to get so frustrated when I dressed Mia in a cute new outfit, only to have big dribble (or even worse, milky chuck) marks on the front ~ Its a fact though, most bubs have a tendancy to have no control whatsoever over their mouths...
Here's where Flobib come in - not only have they got gorgeous bibs, they are different to the norm and are cut to make your bub look even cuter! I love the fact that they are made from gorgeous, funky, designer materials and I love the bandana shape that ensures that outfits are still able to be seen, yet are protected from little dribblers!

Here's one of my faves, I love orange! - Have a look at Flobib's site for the entire range.

I am also loving Flobib's use of bamboo, in their new "Pocket burper" , a bamboo burp cloth with pocket to catch anything "extra" (if you know what I mean!) ~ too cute for words and perfect to take anywhere with you!

You can now follow Flobib on Facebook to see what gorgeous, groovy product they will come up with next! Happy shopping!

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