Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lunchbox Love

So - I LOVE all things cute and practical, especially when it comes to buying for my little one Mia, who is (as she will proudly tell anyone who asks) "two and ahalf".

One of my favourite online purchases this week comes from Monkey Caboose, a gorgeous, gorgeous site with some super funky products (including some lovely bamboo clothing from a well known company! Ha ha)
Whoever thought that buying a "lunchbox" could be so exciting. Simone from Monkey Caboose is the exclusive stockist in Australia for the ever-so-funky Milkdot Stoh lunch tote.
Available in Cotton Candy Pink (above), or Robins Egg Blue (below)These totes are the best way to pack for your little one when out and about. The Milkdot is fully insulated, has pockets to secure small items, is completely PVC free, lead safe and what's more, it folds flat when not in use. I love the little name tag holder (you could also get creative and pop a photo in there) and the tote is strong and durable - lasting for many lunches I am sure!
Mia was so excited last night when we received her new "lunch box" and this morning we went out early for a special breakfast at our fave cafe (really, it's just an excuse for mummy to not have to organise and clean up breakfast dishes, and to be able to sit quietly with a perfect latte and allow someone else to wait on me!). You can imagine how cute she was, with her little Milkdot tote swinging in the breeze and she was proud as punch to show anyone in the cafe who would look. (She actually unzipped it and showed the barista the "little pocket" inside that she had tucked her scissors into.) he he.

Retailing at $44.95, the tote may seem pricier than other usual plastic lunchboxes, however I assure you that it is money well spent. Not only will you have one stylish poppet, you are ensuring that your child's food is kept safe and securely packed. The stylish look of the Milkdot also perfectly compliments the modern, funky child - and I have to say that Mia took it to play group today, and now I am not so sure it will be that unique as everyone was asking where to get them! He he - you can't win sometimes, but I would love for every child to have one, they are so so cute!
Thanks to Monkey Caboose for bringing us such a gorgeous product!


  1. Oh wow I think I will save some money for one of these :)

  2. So cute. My little Pip is starting 3 year old Kinder next year - I might have to get one of these! Way better than all of those licenced character ones out there!

  3. Thanks for your comments Natasha and Kylie - I agree - they are too cute to pass up on. And yup - I agree that they are much more stylish than a Dora/Diego lunchbox (but in saying that, my little one wont go to childcare without her Dora backpack *sigh*....

  4. Best start saving my pennies for the bebito huh? :) Thanks for sharing another great find Ms Panda. xo

  5. Oh they are so hip, love the idea. Thanks for the share.