Sunday, January 24, 2010

Madeit Love

Oh Gosh - I just had to share this with you, I have just spent the last hour or so engrossed in Made it and searching through all of the beautiful stores that make it....... 'Made It'! I literally can't remember why I started looking there, but I did find some super cute things I wanted to share with you quickly.
(In no particular order mind you.)

On the right, we have a great idea - the 'Colouring book for grownups! Love it - I have sat down so many times and ended up "really trying" to colour in Dora and Boots (in the right colours and inside the lines), so this would be a lovely change - pity they are sold out currently, or I would have bought one!

Next up, I discovered this cute softie toy rattle handmade teether, so cute and very funky - I just have to wait for someone to have a baby so that I can get one as a cute, unique little gift!

Now these next ones have really caught my eye, and I have bookmarked the store to go back later and make a purchase - My little one and I go to the library once a fortnight and always get far too many books to fit into her little book bag that she currently has. How cool are these! I also love the little bird on the canvas - too, too cute. Hmmm - now to pick a colour.

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