Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spending 9 Months Waiting?

Well then, in your "spare time", why not drop over and look around this gorgeous site - 9MonthsWaiting is the stunning result of Cathy's hard work, and boy has she got some gorgeous products on offer!

Not only do I love the name (let's face it, we have all been there, and we know how much time you spend waiting..... waiting to meet your little one, waiting to see if it is a boy or a girl, waiting to see where you are when you go into labour, waiting to work out if the name you have chosen actually fits, waiting to see what labour is really all about - waiting, waiting and waiting) I also love Cathy's ability to combine so many beautiful brands (ours included - he he) into the one store. Clearly a big supporter of bamboo, 9MonthsWaiting has a great selection of bamboo clothing and blankets, along with some gorgeous organic cotton options. I had to narrow down this post, due to the amount of products that I wanted to share with you, so here goes:

An absolute steal - Ergo Pouch Ergococoon (organic cotton) - $19.95 (sale)
This gorgeous 6 piece Cot Set by The Living Textiles Company (Misha Bear set) - $209.95, with everything you need to set up the nursery (yep - while you are waiting!)

These gorgeous Vanchi Bibs (2 in a set) - $12.95 (Guava and Lychee shown) - I love that they pull over the head, I have had many a battle with curly toddler hair that gets caught in the velcro on some bibs - not great when food is involved....
And finally (yes, I did restrain myself on this post!) - Three Little Trees (who i just LOVE) Miso Miso Blanket - on sale for $19.95 (reduced from $39.95) - I believe there may only be one left, so get in quick!
So head over and see Cathy at 9MonthsWaiting - they are having a fantastic sale at the moment - up to 50% off selected items and Australia wide postage starting at only $5.00.

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