Thursday, January 28, 2010

Modernise your Little Munchkin

I love groovy stores for little ones, that focus on funky, eco friendly and safe all at the same time!
Louisa over at Modern Little Munchkins has such a super collection of funky, modern and affordable items, it is well worth having a look around their site.

You know that I can't stop at just that - here are some of my top picks:"Baby Bonkie" Ecobonkie (Everest) - such gorgeous design and looks so cozy I want one in my size! 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

Earthlings Kimono Dress (Blue Shadow) - I love these - so great for the little miss to hang out in and be comfortable at home, but also suitable for out and about and looking a little cute and special.

And how about this one - "Polka" Monoscope Hood dress - 9 colour stripe knitted hood dress. Pre orders being taken for March Delivery - Oh........ I want one for Mia!

Ok - so, I know that I always focus on the little Miss in our lives, here is some love for the little masters out there!

Available for Pre Order (March Delivery) - Polka Nemisis Sleeveless Hoodie (knitted)

Moppit Sleeveless Zip Hoody - So funky with a casual pair of shorts!

Alright, I have to stop there or I will go on and on as there are loads of cool finds at Modern Little Munchkins, if you drop in to visit, please let Louisa know that we sent you!

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  1. WOW! your website looks gorgeous!.. sorry, i'm obviously a little behind! simply gorgeous. well done gorgeous girl! x