Sunday, July 4, 2010

We do things differently around here!

I've been busily working away this weekend - which is a big plus when the weather is as cold as it is! We are so excited to bring a fun new way of shopping to you and your friends and family.

Babies around the world are loving Babyjo Bamboo - so why not share the secret with your friends & family & benefit when sales are made.
Similar to a “Tupperware” party, however carried out online, we are proud to offer Babyjo e-parties to our valued customers and friends.

The rewards are fantastic, and easily achievable - simply share the details with your friends and family, then sit back and relax!
What a fantastic way to add to your existing range of Babyjo (or make a start for a new arrival) and offer your little one the most beautiful, organic clothes & blankets imaginable!
We've kept it as simple as possible, and there is very little for the "party panda" to do - all material and information is supplied - you just need to find the friends to join the party!

** Contact us to confirm your e-party & a start date will be arranged.
** e - party invitation, order code & flier will be sent to you via email
** Share the invitation with friends, family, facebook – whoever!
** Sit back and relax while your friends shop with FREE POSTAGE!

e—parties run for 10 days, so your selected friends and family have plenty of time to browse our website and make a selection. Using the unique code to secure free shipping, customers can place their order via our online site at
As the “party panda”, you will receive $20 store credit* upon placing your booking. For every $ spent by your friends & family, you will receive additional store credit to use on your own purchases—SIMPLE!

Below is an indication of store credit received in comparison with sales made throughout the duration of your e-party

$ 200—$300 in sales = $30 store credit.
$300—$400 in sales = $50 store credit.
$400—$500 e-party = $70 store credit
$500—$600 in sales = $90 store credit
$600—$800 in sales = $110 store credit

If this sounds like something you would love to take part in - become a "Party Panda" today by contacting us via email for more details!


  1. Great Idea Jo, you are one smart hot cookie. I'll spread the word around and see if some friends are interested in becoming party pandas too. Fantastic work.

  2. Awesome Idea Jo! It would be a really good idea for baby showers too. We are looking forward to hosting our very own Panda Party and Aston testing the Babyjo range =-D

  3. Great idea Jo. Excellent for baby showers too