Sunday, March 21, 2010

Punch Your Lunch!

I love it! Our friends over at Monkey Caboose have done it again - just arrived, the Lunch Punch makes lunchtime and sandwiches fun!

Speaking from experience, my 3 year old just won't move past the good old Vegemite sandwich (and even then, she usually pulls the 2 pieces apart, licks off the Vegemite and then leaves the rest!) - not the most nutritious lunch and frustrating for me, as sandwiches can be healthy, interesting and nutritious (not to mention fast and easy to make and take on the run). She is a fantastic "eater" and is happy to much away on most healthy food, she just WONT touch sandwiches for some weird reason.

Enter - The Lunch Punch, an interesting "tool" to add to your parenting toolbox. I was lucky enough to road test one from Monkey Caboose, and I am so impressed. I have never managed to get my little one to eat a full ham sandwich (baby steps here, I will work up to salad and chicken/avocado etc) - but hey presto! The Lunch Punch made the cutest 4 piece puzzle which took her attention and made it plenty of fun - she seemed to forget that she doesn't eat ham sandwiches, and ended up eating the lot AND asking for another puzzle. (I have always loved that she will eat the crusts of her toast and vegemite sandwiches, however the lunch punch does remove these, so I had to just go with it and see!)

With 4 "punches" in each box, you can make one Monster puzzle (great for if you are feeding multiple mouths at the same time) or you can have 4 smaller size puzzles in varying forms. For just $12.95, I highly recommend trying this one out for a bit of fun - great for fairy bread at a party too - make the giant puzzle, and watch them have some fun!

**Disclaimer - Yes, you WILL end up "punching" out your own sandwich into a puzzle - it can't be helped. We take no responsibility for this!